Introducing Forecast Coffee Company: A New Mission-Driven Craft Coffee Brand from Bellingham, WA

Forecast Coffee Company is a fresh coffee brand based in Bellingham, WA, with a mission to combat climate change through the use of trees. They collaborate with high-quality farms that utilize agroforestry and donate 5% of their earnings towards planting trees and promoting agroforestry. Their coffee is roasted with great care in an eco-friendly facility that is carbon-neutral and powered by green energy. Additionally, their packaging is made entirely from plant-based materials.

Regenerative Coffees from Farms at the Forefront of Agroforestry Practices

The Forecast Coffee Company sources regenerative coffees from farms that give importance to agroforestry practices. These farms focus on maintaining soil health and biodiversity by using conventional growing techniques. They cultivate coffee together with indigenous trees and shrubs, which provides a home for nearby wildlife and migratory birds, and also safeguards against pests and harsh weather conditions.

Donating 5% of profits supports the effort to combat climate change through forest planting.

Forecast has made a pledge to have a lasting impact by donating 5% of their earnings to organizations that fight against climate change through the growth of forests and the spread of knowledge about agroforestry. They provide support to groups such as Trees for the Future, which works with African farmers to convert unproductive land into flourishing Forest Gardens that produce various food crops and opportunities for generating income.

Certified Organic and Fair Trade Coffees

The Pacific Northwest is highlighted by the collection of Certified Organic and Fair Trade coffees. Cloudberry, for example, is a fruity blend named after the native fruit, while Pedal Pusher is a chocolatey blend that pays tribute to the local biking community. Frostline Seasonal Blend also recognizes the many mountains surrounding Bellingham.

The coffee beans are carefully roasted in an environmentally conscious facility that uses renewable energy and produces no carbon emissions.

Forecast Coffee Company carefully roasts their coffee beans in an environmentally sustainable facility that uses green energy. Additionally, their packaging is made entirely from plant-based materials, making it a great choice for environmentally conscious individuals. The packaging design, featuring artwork by Bellingham artist Sarah Finger from Skyline Printworks, was created by Cameron Jennings.

Where to Buy Forecast Coffee

Forecast Coffee is available for purchase at and will also be made available at select natural markets including Sprouts Farmers Market, Haggen, and PCC Community Market starting in October of 2023.

About Forecast Coffee Company

The Forecast Coffee Company is a brand of coffee situated in Bellingham, WA. They obtain regenerative coffees from farms that prioritize agroforestry and contribute 5% of their profits to organizations that focus on combating climate change through reforestation efforts. Their coffee is roasted in an eco-friendly facility and packaged in a bag composed entirely of plant-based materials. Forecast provides five distinct Certified Organic and Fair Trade coffees, which includes a Swiss Water Process Decaf. For more information about the company or to locate a retailer, please visit or follow @forecastcoffeecompany.




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