The Specialty Coffee Lover’s Bucket List: A Journey Around the World

As a self-confessed coffee fanatic, I’m on a mission to share with you the best must-visit cafes around the world. Get ready to explore incredible destinations, steeped in coffee culture, and full of delicious aroma as we embark on this caffeine-fueled adventure together.

What Makes a Coffee Shop ‘Specialty?’

A specialty coffee shop is more than just your average cafe. Sure, they whip up lattes and cappuccinos, but the coffee beans they use are typically directly sourced from small farming operations. These beans are roasted in-house, handled by professional baristas, and brewed using precise techniques that bring out every flavor note. For lovers of the bean, these places aren’t just cafes—they’re temples to the art of coffee making.

The Thrill of Discovering Istanbul’s Unique Coffee Culture

There’s more to Istanbul’s morning cup than meets the eye. Perched in the rooftop at Mandabatmaz, looking out over the city while savoring a piping hot cup of traditional Turkish coffee, you’ll understand why. This cafe takes its name from the Turkish phrase “so thick even a buffalo would not sink,” which perfectly encapsulates the delightfully robust flavor of their brew. The rich heritage and sensational taste make it a place worthy of any coffee lover’s bucket list.

Sipping Elegance in Paris’ Le Cafe Alain Ducasse

In search of sophistication? Look no further than Le Cafe Alain Ducasse in Paris. From the moment you step inside its stylish interior filled with tantalizing aromas, you’re transported into a world of exquisite charm. Here, coffee is prepared to perfection with meticulous craft and passion. What’s not to love? It certainly is la crème de la crème of Parisian café culture.

The Joy of Coffee Craftsmanship In Tokyo’s Fuglen

Tokyo’s Fuglen is a night owl’s dream come true. This vintage cocktail bar-cum-coffee-shop serves specialty brews by day and tantalizing drinks by night. But creeping in here right when the sun crawls up gives an uncanny experience – the precision involved in the brewing process is nothing short of mesmerizing. A stark contrast to bustling Tokyo, the beautiful simplicity of Fuglen is indeed heartwarming.

Hip Brooklyn Vibes at Sey Coffee

Over in New York, in the heart of hipster paradise, you’ll find Sey Coffee. With an industrial chic atmosphere and an approach towards highlighting the unique character of each coffee bean, they serve up skewer-style drinks rather than your standard layered lattes. Plus, Sey Coffee offers a rotating menu of unique single-origin beans from growers all over the globe, so each visit offers a new taste adventure.

Taste Sustainability at Melbourne’s Proud Mary Coffee Roasters

If you’re as passionate about the environment as you are about your coffee, head down under to Melbourne’s Proud Mary Coffee Roasters. They’ve put sustainability at the core of their brand and are committed to producing quality specialty roasts that are eco-friendly too. The decor is cool and relaxed, just like Melbourne itself!

Your Next Coffee Adventure Awaits!

From traditional Turkish brews to eco-friendly Aussie roasts, our global coffee tour has whisked us through some phenomenal aromatic experiences. My hope is that you’re feeling inspired and motivated to pack your bags and embrace your next caffeinated adventure! Wherever life takes you, make sure to find time to sit back, sip slow, and savor every last drop.

Now that’s what I call “Bean” Around The World!

Frequently Asked Questions about The Specialty Coffee Lover’s Bucket List: Must-Visit Cafes around the World

What is The Specialty Coffee Lovers Bucket List?

The Specialty Coffee Lovers Bucket List is a collection of outstanding cafes from around the world that offer exceptional coffee. It’s a must-have guide for coffee lovers who enjoy trying different flavours and exploring new places.

What makes a cafe eligible for the Bucket List?

A cafe becomes a part of the Bucket List based on factors like the quality of its coffee, unique brewing methods, ambiance, customer service, and overall experience. Each of these cafes offers something unique that makes it a must-visit for coffee enthusiasts.

Are these Cafes only located in popular cities?

No, the cafes listed in the Bucket List are scattered across the globe, in both popular cities and smaller towns. It’s all about finding amazing coffee, no matter where it’s brewed!

Do all Cafes serve food or just coffee?

Most of these cafes do serve food alongside their coffee. Some might have extensive menus, while others might only offer light snacks or pastries. But the primary focus is always on the quality and uniqueness of their coffee.

How can I access this Bucket List?

The Specialty Coffee Lovers Bucket List is a digital compilation, which means you can easily access it online. Stay tuned for updates and new additions to the list!

Can I suggest a Cafe to be added to the Bucket List?

Yes, absolutely! We love hearing from fellow coffee lovers about fantastic cafes they’ve discovered. You can send your suggestions via our contact page, and we’ll certainly consider them for inclusion on the Bucket List.