A Special-ty Coffee Roaster in San Diego

Talitha Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster based in San Diego, is causing a stir in the coffee world with its distinctive goal of creating top-notch, locally roasted coffee and supporting survivors of sex trafficking. The company has rapidly become known for its dedication to making a positive impact and producing outstanding coffee.

Brewing Empowerment

Talitha Coffee’s main objective is to empower individuals who have survived sex trafficking. The company strives to assist survivors in rebuilding their lives and regaining their independence by offering them meaningful employment opportunities. Talitha Coffee partners with local organizations that support survivors and provides them with training and job prospects in different areas of coffee production, such as sourcing, roasting, packaging, and customer service.

This distinctive method not just offers survivors a reliable income but also imparts them with valuable abilities that can be utilized outside the coffee sector. By empowering them, Talitha Coffee is actively contributing to combat sex trafficking and aiding survivors in escaping the cycle of exploitation.

Exceptional Quality

Talitha Coffee distinguishes itself with its mission, but it also values providing exceptional quality in each cup. By prioritizing the acquisition of premium beans from ethical and sustainable suppliers, Talitha Coffee guarantees that their coffee is not only tasty but also promotes responsible farming methods.

The experienced roasters carefully roast the beans in small batches to achieve the perfect flavor and consistency, resulting in a delicious coffee that pleases coffee lovers.

Community Impact

Talitha Coffee acknowledges the significance of community backing in establishing enduring transformation. The enterprise proactively collaborates with local establishments such as cafes and restaurants in San Diego. By providing its coffee to these businesses, Talitha Coffee not only broadens its scope but also generates prospects for communication and consciousness regarding sex trafficking.

In addition, a part of the earnings generated by every pack of Talitha Coffee bought is utilized to aid survivor programs and groups. When customers buy Talitha Coffee, they not only relish a delicious cup of coffee but also make a valuable contribution towards empowering survivors and fighting against sex trafficking.

Join the Movement

Talitha Coffee offers a chance to support survivors of sex trafficking while indulging in high-quality coffee. Buying their coffee items enables you to make a direct impact on empowering survivors and promoting a world without exploitation.

Visit the website of Talitha Coffee to gain further knowledge about their mission.


Talitha Coffee stands out as more than a typical coffee roaster. Their mission is to support survivors of sex trafficking, and they are based in San Diego. Through their dedication to exceptional quality, community involvement, and creating social change, Talitha Coffee is making a positive impact in the fight against exploitation. They strive to empower individuals one cup of coffee at a time.  You can find their shop online at their website. Talitha Specialty Coffee Roasters