The acquisition of Nordic Approach has enabled Neumann Kaffee Gruppe to broaden its portfolio.

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The Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG), a prominent provider of green coffee services worldwide, has acquired Nordic Approach, a well-known company that sources specialty coffee. This acquisition is a strategic decision that will enable NKG to expand its range of offerings and enhance its standing in the specialty coffee industry.

The Nordic Approach Advantage

The coffee company Nordic Approach, established in 2009 by Morten Wennersgaard and Tim Wendelboe, is well-known for its thorough sourcing methods and dedication to high standards. They have been leaders in advocating for transparency and sustainability within the coffee sector.

NKG will now have access to a broad network of coffee producers in countries like Ethiopia, Colombia, and Costa Rica by acquiring Nordic Approach. This will allow NKG to expand its selection of premium specialty coffees for its customers.

Enhancing the Supply Chain

The acquisition of Nordic Approach by NKG is a component of their overall plan to improve their supply chain abilities. This purchase will give NKG more authority over the complete coffee value chain, starting from procurement and ending with distribution.

NKG intends to maintain a steady provision of high-quality coffee to satisfy the increasing demand of specialty coffee lovers by incorporating Nordic Approach’s proficiency in procurement and quality management. This decision is in line with NKG’s dedication to sustainability and traceability, as they endeavor to have a favorable influence on the environment and the societies they engage with.

Impact on the Specialty Coffee Market

The specialty coffee market is anticipated to be greatly affected by NKG’s acquisition of Nordic Approach. This merger will enable NKG to provide a wider selection of specialty coffees that possess distinct flavor profiles and origin narratives.

Coffee lovers who have a preference for specialty coffee can anticipate discovering fresh and captivating coffee types from various regions across the globe. This purchase also reinforces NKG’s standing as a prominent participant in the specialty coffee sector, enabling them to meet the changing demands and inclinations of coffee consumers.


The purchase of Nordic Approach by Neumann Kaffee Gruppe is a significant achievement for the specialty coffee sector. This decision enables NKG to broaden its range and reinforce its status as a worldwide frontrunner in the green coffee trade.

NKG is in a good position to fulfill the increasing need for specialty coffees and promote sustainability and traceability in the supply chain, thanks to Nordic Approach’s sourcing knowledge and dedication to quality.


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