Kiss the Hippo Sets New Milestone with Fifth London Outlet Opening – UK’s Latest Coffee Sensation Expands Rapidly

London-based specialty coffee roaster, Kiss the Hippo, continues to make waves in the UK capital with the opening of its fifth coffee shop. The new café, located in London’s Fitzrovia district, joins their existing outlets in Richmond, Kings Cross, Shoreditch, and another location in Fitzrovia.

What sets Kiss the Hippo apart is its commitment to sustainability. They proudly promote themselves as London’s first carbon negative coffee company. This means that they not only offset their carbon emissions but go beyond that to remove additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It’s refreshing to see a coffee company taking active steps towards reducing its environmental impact.

In addition to their retail presence, Kiss the Hippo also offers a coffee at-home subscription service, allowing coffee enthusiasts to enjoy their specialty beans in the comfort of their own homes. Customers can also purchase retail packaged coffee in-store, along with a range of espresso machines, grinders, and brewing equipment. This provides a one-stop-shop for all coffee lovers.

The expansion of Kiss the Hippo and other specialty coffee roasters in the UK comes at a time when the hospitality industry is facing numerous challenges. Rising inflation, supply chain disruptions, and recruitment difficulties have created headwinds for businesses in the sector. However, despite these obstacles, the branded coffee shop market in the UK has remained resilient. In fact, it achieved an impressive 12% sales growth, reaching £4.9 billion ($6.2 billion) in the 12 months leading up to January 2023. The number of outlets also grew by 4%, totaling 9,885 stores.

Specialty Coffee Roasters Expanding in the UK

Kiss the Hippo is not alone in its expansion efforts. Other specialty coffee roasters have also been increasing their retail presence in London. In April 2023, Ozone Coffee Roasters opened two new locations in the city after acquiring Association Coffee in November 2022. The following month, Grind, another London-based coffee brand, opened its 12th site at St Pancras Rail Station. WatchHouse, known for its high-quality coffee offerings, expanded its store footprint to 11 with a new outlet in Marylebone in May 2023. They are also set to open another location in Covent Garden this quarter.

Furthermore, Kiss the Hippo has plans to open a store in Bath by the end of 2023, marking their first outlet outside of London. Origin Coffee, another prominent player in the specialty coffee scene, will also be expanding with a new outlet in Bristol in August 2023. These expansions showcase the growing demand for specialty coffee across the UK.

Specialty Coffee: A Growing Trend

Research conducted by the World Coffee Portal reveals that specialty coffee is becoming increasingly important to UK consumers. 40% of those surveyed consider specialty coffee as a crucial factor when choosing a high-quality coffee shop. This percentage rises to 47% among individuals aged under 35. This highlights the changing preferences of coffee enthusiasts and the need for coffee shops to cater to this demand.

The future looks bright for the branded UK coffee shop market, with predictions indicating that it will exceed 10,200 outlets next year and surpass 11,600 outlets by January 2028. This growth is a testament to the evolving coffee culture in the UK and the increasing popularity of specialty coffee.

As coffee lovers, it’s exciting to see the rapid expansion of specialty coffee roasters like Kiss the Hippo. Their commitment to sustainability and dedication to delivering high-quality coffee experiences make them a standout player in the industry. With their fifth London outlet now open, more people can enjoy their exceptional coffee offerings while supporting a company that values both taste and the environment.

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