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The FairWave Coffee Collective has welcomed Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co., a specialty coffee company from Wisconsin, as its latest member. This partnership unites a group of top local coffee brands who share a love for specialty coffee. Anodyne is now part of a group of nine other independent coffee businesses in the collective, such as Folly Coffee Roasters and Philtera Cold Brewed Coffees, who joined earlier in the year.

A Community-Focused Approach

Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. will maintain its usual operations in its four Milwaukee, Wisconsin stores, even after becoming a part of the FairWave Coffee Collective. Matt McClutchy and Lacee Perry, the founders of Anodyne, will also hold partial ownership in FairWave to preserve Anodyne’s community-oriented principles and beliefs.

The group of leaders at Anodyne, which includes Steve Kessler, Nolan Truttschel, Laura Lown, and Stephanie Burton, will act as the local Milwaukee ownership team for FairWave. This guarantees that the knowledge and skills of Anodyne’s team will be incorporated into the whole.

Anodyne, having over 20 years of expertise in the specialty coffee sector, is contributing a significant amount of skill and knowledge to the group. Milwaukee has a robust community with a lively food and drink industry, and FairWave’s Vice President of Coffee Sourcing and Product Development, Joe Marrocco, expressed delight in partnering with such an amazing collaborator to launch in this market.

Strength in Numbers

In 2020, the FairWave Coffee Collective was established and has expanded to include various specialty coffee businesses. The collective first invested in The Roasterie, a company based in Kansas City that has a roastery and six cafés, as well as Messenger Coffee, which has a roastery and four cafés. These purchases formed the basis for FairWave’s cooperative strategy in the specialty coffee sector.

FairWave is made up of several independent businesses, including Spyhouse Coffee Roasters, a roastery and café chain with seven locations in Minneapolis, and Up Coffee Roasters, a roastery also located in Minneapolis. Additionally, Black Dog Coffeehouse, a single café in Missouri, and Filling Station Coffee Garage, a chain of three cafés, are also part of the collective. Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. is another business included in FairWave.

Additionally, the FairWave Coffee Collective includes IBIS Bakery as one of its members, providing coffee to Messenger Coffee, Black Dog Coffeehouse, and other hospitality establishments.

Looking Ahead

The FairWave Coffee Collective and Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. are celebrating a significant achievement with their partnership. Anodyne will maintain its community-oriented approach while benefiting from FairWave’s resources to provide high-quality specialty coffee to its devoted Milwaukee customers. FairWave’s growing network of specialty independent coffee shops cements its status as a prominent player in the specialty coffee industry.

To obtain further details about Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. and the FairWave Coffee Collective, kindly visit FairWave Coffee.

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