Café SOCA’s Exclusive Tribute: Discover the Remarkable Specialty Coffees Inspired by Huila’s Women Harvesters | The City Paper Bogotá

Café SOCA’s Exclusive Tribute: Discover the Remarkable Specialty Coffees Inspired by Huila’s Women Harvesters


In the world of coffee, women play a crucial role in all aspects of the supply chain, from farming to entrepreneurship. Colombia, known for its world-famous Arabica bean, is no exception. In Huila, one of the country’s top coffee-producing departments, women are organizing farming cooperatives and promoting sustainability, gender equality, and economic empowerment. Café SOCA, a family-run company, has recently launched two limited edition coffees that pay tribute to the hard work of women in Huila’s coffee plantations. This news story is not only a celebration of the remarkable specialty coffees inspired by Huila’s women harvesters but also sheds light on the importance of inclusivity and recognition in the coffee industry.

Deep Dive

The launch of Café SOCA’s limited edition coffees, the Honey SOCA and Mujer Caficultora blends, is a significant step towards recognizing and appreciating the contributions of women in the coffee industry. These coffees were picked by the women of Asoguaguëñas, an all-women farming cooperative in Palermo, Huila. The Sinaí farm, where these exceptional Arabica beans are grown, is known for its unique flavor profile with notes of walnut, caramel, grapefruit, and panela (raw sugarcane).

What makes this news story even more compelling is the impact it has on the lives of these women harvesters. By organizing themselves into farming cooperatives, they have secured income stability for single-parent households and created education opportunities for their children. Café SOCA’s tribute not only honors their hard work but also supports their livelihoods and empowers them economically.

This news story also highlights the gender disparity in the coffee industry. While women contribute significantly to international supply chains, their inclusion rates in some Colombian departments with a long coffee tradition, such as Caldas, Antioquia, and Tolima, are relatively low. By showcasing the achievements of women in Huila, Café SOCA’s tribute serves as an inspiration and a call for greater gender equality in the coffee industry.

Quotes and Sources

“We are a company with a family tradition, founded in 1998 by my mother, Maritza Serrato, who began by selecting the best beans for export. In 2005, we launched our first store in Neiva”, says Claudia Valencia, Café SOCA’s financial manager.

“Maritza is very dedicated to the family business, and sharing with entrepreneurs her knowledge so they can learn and prosper,” believes Lucrecia Dusán, a farmer from Asoguaguëñas. “She is an inspiration to the Huila business community and country-at-large.”

“We are the producers, but without Soca we cannot transform a market. Beyond selling a product, we work as a team, one extended family,” says Adriana Silva, another farmer from Asoguaguëñas.


Café SOCA’s exclusive tribute to Huila’s women harvesters is not just about specialty coffees; it represents a significant step towards recognizing and empowering women in the coffee industry. By highlighting the achievements of women farmers and promoting inclusivity, Café SOCA sets an example for the entire coffee community. This news story reminds us of the importance of gender equality, sustainability, and economic empowerment in the coffee industry.

As coffee enthusiasts, let us celebrate the remarkable specialty coffees inspired by Huila’s women harvesters and support initiatives that promote inclusivity and recognition. Share your thoughts on this inspiring story in the comments below and spread the word to your fellow coffee lovers.