Bleu Coffee Expands to Downtown Jersey City with New 2nd Location: Here’s What You Need to Know!

Bleu Coffee Expands to Downtown Jersey City with New 2nd Location: Here’s What You Need to Know!

About Bleu Coffee

Bleu Coffee, founded by Kevin O’Gilvie, is a specialty coffee shop that originally started in the lobby of a Jersey City apartment building in 2016. It has now opened a second location in the heart of the Powerhouse Arts District at 175 2nd Street, taking over the former Busy Bee Organics post. The new cafe offers two floors of seating and serves hot and cold drinks, as well as freshly baked pastries.

Kevin O’Gilvie, the son of two immigrant parents from Kingston, Jamaica, developed his passion for coffee and supporting local businesses during his annual summer visits to his parent’s hometown. Inspired by these trips, he started bringing back Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans to the United States. Eventually, Kevin partnered with local farms and roasters in Jamaica to import the green beans and roast them locally, ensuring freshness and quality.

Bleu Coffee aims to curate the highest quality farm-to-cup experience by sourcing coffee from sought-after regions around the world. In addition, a portion of the cafe’s proceeds is donated back to the Jamaica Blue Mountains community through the Blue Mountain Project, which focuses on improving health, education, and the local economy.

Menu + Specialty Items

Bleu Coffee offers a wide range of specialty drinks and freshly baked goods. Their menu includes traditional and seasonal brews, as well as a selection of roasted beans for purchase. Whether you prefer a cold brew, latte, macchiato, or espresso drink, Bleu Coffee has something for everyone.

Locations and Opening Hours

Bleu Coffee’s newest location is at 175 2nd Street in the Powerhouse Arts District. They also continue to operate out of the lobby of The Beacon at 65 Beacon Way in Jersey City. Both cafes are open daily from 7AM to 5PM.

Connect with Bleu Coffee

For more information about Bleu Coffee, you can visit their website or follow them on Instagram @bluecoffee.