Stone, a delightful town situated on a canal in Staffordshire, has recently introduced a new coffee shop called Distinguished Roasts. The driving force behind this establishment is Matt Higgins, who is a father, husband, football coach, and experienced energy sector engineer. Matt is accustomed to juggling various roles, but his newest one is particularly fragrant – he is an exceptional coffee roaster!

A Journey Fueled by Passion

Matt’s passion for coffee initiated the start of the Distinguished Roasts venture. His inquisitiveness prompted him to investigate the craft of coffee roasting, immersing himself in the scientific aspects of it. To refine his abilities, he finished a course recognized by the Specialty Coffee Association, providing him with the proficiency and understanding to produce outstanding roasts.

Matt is prepared to impart his expertise and enthusiasm to the inhabitants of Stone. Having lived in the town for more than a decade, he comprehends the locals’ fondness for a superior coffee experience. His objective with Distinguished Roasts is to introduce Stone to its inaugural specialized coffee roasting facility, with a focus on ecological sustainability.

More Than Just Coffee

Matt wants everyone to experience the wonderful scent of freshly roasted beans, so while Distinguished Roasts starts as an online business, he also attends local markets and events to demonstrate his distinct roasting methods. Eventually, he hopes to open a coffee shop in Stone that not only serves exceptional coffee but also provides education on the art of roasting.

What makes Distinguished Roasts stand out from other coffee choices in the area? Firstly, they are the sole specialty coffee roaster in Stone. However, Matt’s dedication to individuality extends beyond that. He offers a variety of roasts, including customized blends for coffee enthusiasts and personalized roasts (the initial one being for Stone Old Alleynians FC). Matt is committed to leaving his mark on Stone’s coffee culture.

Contributing to the Local Vibe

Matt has a broader goal than just coffee. He wants to support the local community by using locally sourced ingredients and building strong connections with other businesses. This will help to improve the lively marketplace and celebrate the charm of the canal town.

To keep up with Distinguished Roasts, you can check their website, follow them on Instagram with the handle @distinguishedroasts, or give their Facebook page a like.

A Special Experience

Matt’s vision for Distinguished Roasts is to transform coffee from a mundane instant drink into a memorable experience. He is committed to providing high-quality, sustainable, and distinctive coffee options, indicating that he is making significant strides toward realizing his objective. Take a sip of his signature coffee and accompany him on this fragrant expedition.

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